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Redefining Digital Assessment

This TAO Tech Series article outlines modern approaches to learning and assessment and provides an overview of TAO’s digital assessment tools that support them. It also illustrates how TAO’s compliance with IMS interoperability standards allows it to be easily integrated into a Next Generation Digital Learning Environment (NGDLE). Included in this TAOTech Series

  • The benefits of integration of learning, assessment, and data into a single system
  • How to adapt to the constant changes in assessment
  • What you should expect in the five-phase cycle

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Your Partner for Redefining Digital Assessment 

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TAO's open source platform gives you the freedom to control your digital assessment programs, from content authoring to delivery, at any scale.

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Leverage resources shared by our expert open source community and gain earlier access to innovative solutions.

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Break free from proprietary data silos, eliminate expensive licensing fees and gain full ownership of your testing resources.