DATE June 20 - 21, 2023
SEATS 500 People

Empower educators with the tools to transform today’s learners into tomorrow’s leaders.

We are dedicated to providing the most secure and reliable assessment tools and services through openness and collaboration, with a mission to empower educators with the online tools to transform today’s learners into tomorrow’s leaders.

Join us for TAO Days to connect with other TAO users across the world who are driving innovation for the greater good and see our mission come to life. This year's theme is "Digital Assessment: What's Now and Next."

Why Attend?

Over the past years, TAO’s global community has expanded exponentially, and we’re keen to bring our users together to share their expertise and discuss the trends that are shaping the future of digital assessment.
TAO Days is our annual end-user conference taking place online over two afternoons this upcoming June 20th and 21st. Conceptualized for the TAO community, this event provides an excellent opportunity to take part in innovation fueled discussions surrounding online testing and open source assessment tools, share perspectives, and connect with a global group of assessment peers.
This is your chance to learn from one another, collaborate and gain knowledge for improving your assessment strategies. Your participation will also have a direct impact in helping to inform the TAO User Group and development roadmap.  
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Event Speakers

Full updated speaker list coming soon!

Connect with seasoned digital assessment experts across the world and hear about where the future of online testing is headed. Discover the challenges, solutions and trends shaping the industry directly from other online assessment players.

Dr. Anthony Benners

Innovation Advisor & Senior Psychometrician |
New York City DOE

Dr. Goran Lazendic

Research Director - Systemwide Testing/Manager |

Dr. Alina von Davier

Chief of Assessment |

Dr. Mario Piacentini

Senior Analyst |

Salah Khalil

Founding Director | Macat International Limited

Marc Oswald

Co-founder & CEO |
Open Assessment Technologies

Dr. Jean-Philippe Rivière

Founder | Wiquid

Patrick Plichart

Co-founder & Director of Products |
Open Assessment Technologies

Andre Nunes

Head of Product |
Open Assessment Technologies

Rob Urquhart

Chief Research & Impact Officer |
Click Learning

Hiroshi Hatakeda

General Manager of Product Planning |

Sara Kadiri Iglesias

TAO Solutions Specialist |
Open Assessment Technologies


2 half-days dedicated to discussing the future of online assessment with your peers


From users leveraging TAO across the world


Featuring digital assessment experts sharing the impact online testing software has made.


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TAO Days is open to all TAO champions and contributors within the global K12, Higher Education and Professional Advancement sectors.
This is your chance to learn from one another, collaborate and gain knowledge for improving your assessment strategies. Your participation will also provide the chance to join the TAO User Group, where you'll have a direct impact in helping to inform the TAO product roadmap based on your needs.

For members of the greater TAO community, the TAO User Group offers an opportunity for you to join forces with TAO users from all corners of the world to spearhead innovations to the TAO platform.

The TAO User Group Governing Board aims to strengthen the open source community by providing a group of TAO liaisons with whom you can share product feedback during various TAO User Group meetings. 

TAO's User Group meetings are open to the public, and information on how to become involved will be made available during TAO Days. Make sure to register for the event below if you are interested in learning more. 

As the providers of the TAO open source platform, part of our social responsibility is our dedication to supporting education for the greater good. 

Through this, we aim to provide the most secure and reliable assessment tools and services through openness and collaboration, with a mission to advance online assessment with solutions that empower educators to transform today’s learners and tomorrow’s leaders.

We are also proud supporters of the IMS Standards First Pledge. As part of a community that is committed to making open standards the first and primary choice for education technology integrations, we are advocates for standards-based integrations.

We believe that achieving and promoting official product certification to open standards enables a better EdTech ecosystem and community and believe in fair and open business practices for suppliers.  Find out more about Standards First.

In schools and districts, open source software is gaining momentum as it fuels innovation in education and allows flexibility to the institutions that adopt it. Rather than being limited by the features offered in a proprietary solution licensed from a traditional vendor, a truly open source offering allows the user to freely access and modify the source code to create the system they really need; a solution that works well with other Ed tech solutions in the existing ecosystem. 

While open source software is free of licensing fees, there are associated costs including the technical expertise to implement and configure it, as well as deploy and support it. For many agencies, having this level of control along with the ability to change and add to their digital infrastructure as needed brings a huge benefit, especially when they tap the services offered by the developers of the open source system. 

Institutions across the world are working toward a common goal: improving assessment for the greater good of education.

As the teaching and learning landscape continuously evolves, inevitably so will the requirements of your assessment solution. 

Leveraging TAO for your online assessment needs gives you unfettered access to a global community of TAO users, with whom you can network, collaborate and share resources.

Because TAO is the preferred testing solution of the Flip+ eAssessment community, becoming a TAO user also provides opportunities to share the burden of contributing new innovations to the platform with other countries that are digitizing assessment. Ultimately, any new contributions are made available across all versions of TAO. In this way, your overall cost of technology ownership is significantly less than it would be with a proprietary vendor. 

If you're not already a member, we welcome you to join the TAO community today! Simply download our open source solution to get started.

You can easily get started using TAO for free today! Developers are able to access and download the TAO source code directly from Github. Or, if you are looking for a classroom-ready installation, educators can download and run TAO right through their browser. (instructions can be found here).


June 20th-21st (CET)
Stay tuned for the live agenda!


1:00 pm - 1:30 pm CET | Open Source Assessment: A Year in Review 
Marc Oswald, Patrick Plichart, Open Assessment Technologies

TAO Days will open with a look back on the TAO’s evolution from the early days, to the latest open source innovations and what to expect from the TAO product roadmap.

1:30 pm - 2:20 pm CET | Spotlight the PISA 2025 Learning in the Digital World Assessment

  • 1:30 - 1:50 | Transitioning PISA to Online Assessment 

Dr. Goran Lazendic, Research Director - Systemwide Testing/Manager | The Australian Council for Educational Research

Conducted every three years since 2000 by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), PISA is a leading international survey that measures 15-year-old students’ ability to apply their knowledge and skills to real-life problems and situations. 

As a long-standing partner and trusted advisor to the  OECD for the PISA survey, OAT is collaborating with the Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER) to provide TAO for the PISA 2025 delivery. This session will discuss the transition of PISA to online assessment, including the challenges,  advantages, and future opportunities for improving student learning.

  • 1:50 - 2:10 pm CET | Assessing Problem-solving and Self-regulated Learning with Interactive, Resource-rich Tasks
    Dr. Mario Paicentini, Senior Analyst | the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD)

    This presentation will provide an overview of the main features of tasks included in the Learning in the Digital World assessment, the innovative domain for the PISA 2025 cycle. In all tasks, students receive automated and on-demand feedback on the quality of their work, can consult interactive worked examples and compare their solutions to expert ones after submission. These task features and the unit structure - with easier tasks preparing students for harder tasks  - have been designed to generate evidence on students’ adaptive problem-solving skills and capacity to self-regulate their learning.

  • 2:10 - 2:20 pm CET | Joint Q&A

2:25 pm - 3:10 pm CET | Keynote: Test Development in the Times of AI 
Dr. Alina von Davier, Founder | EdAstra & Chief of Assessment | Duolingo

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has a critical role in digital, high-stakes educational assessments for test development, measurement and security. This presentation explores use of AI in an assessment ecosystem (Burstein et al., 2022). The assessment ecosystem is composed of a set of integrated frameworks for test design, measurement and security.  Examples of AI use in ecosystem frameworks include automatic item generation for test design, automated scoring for measurement, and automated plagiarism detection for security.  Specifically, automated item generation facilitates the creation of a vast pool of quality test items. Human bias may exist in training data, and the bias may inadvertently propagate to new items through the introduction of biased content. However, human experts conduct item reviews and address this potential bias. Benefits include the fact that human experts do not have to do the heavy lifting of item creation.

I will talk about the item factory, that links the management of human experts as reviewers combined with content management and a flexible platform that allows for an efficient human-in-the-loop test development process. These streamlining efforts combined with rigorous AI responsible standards (Burstein et al., 2023) minimize biases and ensure equitable outcomes for all test takers. 

3:15 pm - 3:45 pm CET | Transforming Language and Literacy Testing in New York City Schools
Dr. Anthony Benners, Senior Psychometrician and Innovation Advisor | NYC Department of Education

Dr. Anthony Benners, Sr. Psychometrician and Innovation Advisor to the New York City Department of Education sits down  to discuss how technology tools like TAO’s open source platform have the potential to transform the future of language and literacy assessment in NYC schools. Audience members will have the chance to share their questions and input during a brief Q&A following the session.

3:50 pm - 4:20 pm CET | Assessing & Fostering Critical Thinking Skills for 21st-Century Learning
Salah Khalil, Founding Director | Macat International Limited

This presentation will explore how AI may leave us with two possible scenarios: “the superfluous human being,” where AI replaces human intelligence, and “citizen cyborg,” where humans harness AI to create a superintelligence (augmented intelligence).

Macat founder Salah Khalil will lead a transformative talk exploring AI's potential and address the critical obstacle of a skill-deficient global workforce in the emerging New Economy, with a focus on how to measure and develop these skills, using a world-class assessment.

4:25 pm - 4:55 pm CET | Breaking from Conventional Assessment Using Open Source PCIs
Dr. Jean-Phillipe Riviere, Founder | Wiquid

Modern curriculums require educators to assess students’ career readiness by measuring 21st Century Skills, which include deeper learning competencies such as critical thinking, collaboration, communication, creativity, and problem-solving. However, these competencies have traditionally been difficult to measure through traditional assessment methods.

With the open-source Geogebra PCI, developed for TAO by our partner Wiquid, TAO users can easily impart complex science and math simulations directly into their assessments. This session will walk through several use cases for the Geogebra PCI, and how TAO PCIs enable users to collect rich data to gain a better understanding of how students approach problem-solving while ensuring content and data interoperability.

5:00 pm - 5:15 pm CET | Closing Remarks
Open Assessment Technologies

Tune in for highlights as we wrap up the first day of the event and hear what's in store for day 2.

1:00 - 1:45 pm CET | Keynote: The Future of eLearning & Testing with TAO & Uchida Yoko Co. LTD. 

Since our launch in 2013, OAT has been a key driver in the adoption of modern and affordable e-assessment solutions across the world. Building on a 7-year partnership, the recent acquisition of OAT by Uchida Yoko Co. represents a significant step forward in the evolution of TAO-based solution offerings. 

Tune into our Day 2 Keynote to find out how TAO is being used to effectively promote digital assessment in Japan, and how Uchida and OAT are working together to drive the provision of integrated learning solutions globally.

This session will highlight a message from our partners at Uchida Yoko and ) as they discuss the use of TAO as the official digital assessment solution for the Japanese Ministry of Education’s national computer-based testing (CBT) program, MEXCBT, used in approximately 25,000 schools by 8,400,000 students from elementary to high school across all prefectures.

1:50 - 2:30 pm CET | Building the Evidence Base for Edtech: Improving Literacy and Numeracy Outcomes for Learners in South Africa
Nicola Harris, CEO | Click Learning 
Rob Urquhart | Chief Research and Impact Officer | Click Learning

The recently released Progress in International Reading Study (PIRLS) finds that 81% of grade 4 learners in South Africa cannot read for meaning. This outcome is disproportionately stacked against learners in poorer communities. In this session, Click Learning will share its approach of using edtech to improve literacy and numeracy outcomes for under-served learners in South Africa, and how it has leveraged TAO to deliver accessible, real-time, digital assessments at scale.

2:35 - 3:05 pm CET | Tackling Cyber Security for High-Stakes Testing Campaigns
Ionut Mihai Sandu, Head of Engineering | Open Assessment Technologies

Some of the biggest players in the digital space, like LinkedIn and Facebook, have fallen victim to data breaches, exposing a huge amount of personal data from their users. When we translate these security concerns to the EdTech industry, and especially in assessment, we know that data needs to be secured for both students and stakeholders.

The consequences of leaking student testing data are dire. Not only are there legal ramifications for compromising testing information, but students are placed at a disadvantage, and institutions can also face significant financial losses. There is simply no tradeoff when it comes to the security of EdTech and digital assessment tools. At the same time, the scalability and performance of assessment software must be considered when delivering tests to eliminate the risk of disruptions to the system.

In this session, we will discuss the security and performance aspects of an efficient online assessment delivery system, including open security standards like LTI1.3, security for remotely proctored exams, and methods for mitigating test item exposure.

3:10 - 3:40 pm CET | Tech Tips for Becoming a TAO Power User
Andre Nunes, Head of Product Marketing | Open Assessment Technologies
Sara Kadiri, Solutions Specialist | Open Assessment Technologies

Want to learn to how to become a TAO power user? This 30-minute power-user session packs in best practices and pro-tips for using the latest edition of the TAO platform. Get hands-on with TAO and follow along with our product experts as they walk through scenarios using various features and tools. 

3:45 - 4:15 pm CET | Fostering Learning Equity & Building a Better Future for Education with Assessment
Open Assessment Technologies

In today’s education landscape equity should be at the forefront of all school, school district, and state-level policy decisions as we work to lessen the digital divide in education.  Developing an equitable learning experience and curriculum provides high-quality education and opportunities for growth for all students. Nowhere is this more true than when creating and implementing assessments.

This session will share insight into how open-source assessment tools can help foster learning equity and better education outcomes around the world, including in developing countries. We will also provide information on the Flip+ eAssessment community and how you can become involved in the eAssessment sharing economy. 

4:20 - 5:00 pm CET | Meet & Share with the TAO User Group
Dragos Ivan, Head of Product | Open Assessment Technologies

After launching the TAO User Group at last year’s TAO Days event, catch up with us for a “year in review.” Find out how the TAO User Group has helped set the direction for the TAO product roadmap, and how you can become involved as a member. We'll also take a deep dive into the development of TAO Studio, our next-generation authoring environment built for accessibility from the ground up to simplify the test creation process. 

5:00 - 5:20 pm CET | Closing Remarks
Open Assessment Technologies

Join us for closing remarks as we wrap up the conference and share a special message of thanks to our clients and global open source community of users.




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