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Open Assessment Technologies

TAO Accessibility Conformance Report

Accessibility and fairness are always top concerns when it comes to online learning and assessment. To tackle this, TAO’s new test runner framework considers accessibility beyond the assessment -- as a native component in the system that allows you to build accessible tests from the ground up. This holistic approach to accessibility empowers our users to reach all learners, of every ability.


TAO Advance has recently been evaluated against WCAG 2.0 and 2.1 A and AA requirements.

Download our November 2020 Accessibility Conformance Report, based on VPAT® Version 2.4 to see how TAO conforms to these requirements. This guide also includes in depth descriptions detailing how TAO supports the various WCAG 2.1 A and AA criteria. 

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Dedicated to Making Assessment Accessible to All


TAO is the leading open source online assessment platform for K12, Higher Education and Professional Certification, having delivered over 100 million tests in more than 30 languages worldwide. Our platform empowers you to break free from the confines of proprietary data silos, take control of your testing resources and reach wider, more diverse student populations.

We know that online assessment applications need to be accessible. But, there could be a wide interpretation of what is successfully accessible. The WorldWide Web Consortium was concerned with this very problem, and through international cooperation of its members, developed the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG).

The W3C released WCAG version 2.1 in 2019, which added new success criteria to further increase accessibility in education for users across the world. While many systems are retrofitted with new features to support this criteria, TAO is built on these standards from the ground up to guarantee accessibility for test-takers and authors alike.  Learn More.

Your Partner for Redefining Digital Assessment 

cogs-01Control your Online Testing Resources

TAO's open source platform gives you the freedom to control your digital assessment programs, from item authoring to delivery, at any scale. And because the platform is QTI-native, you'll never risk losing your testing assets to a locked system.

Easily Integrate with your Technology Stack

 TAO is built on QTI to ensure your platform, tests and items are 100% interoperable. Because of the platform’s open architecture, TAO is ready-made to integrate with your existing solutions. You can even easily integrate with platforms like Moodle to deliver assessments right in your LMS.

authoring-01Author Simple and Advanced Items

TAO supports all QTI interaction types, from simple multiple-choice to more complex technology enhanced items (TEIs) and portable custom interactions (PCIs) that capture rich student problem solving data. You can even import existing QTI items or tests directly in to TAO if you don’t want to start from scratch.

Securely Scale your Testing Campaigns

Confidently scale your testing campaigns from the classroom to nation-wide. TAO Pro and TAO Enterprise Editions can scale test deliveries to well over 200,000 concurrent users, and testing data is securely stored on the server-side, reducing any risk of compromising or losing critical information.


personalized-learning-01Personalize Assessment for your Learners

TAO comes with built-in functionality to support for Computer Adaptive Testing (CAT). This enables you to have control over which adaptive testing algorithms you want to use depending on the purpose of your test, and allows you to offer a more personalized assessment experience to your test-takers.

hosting-delivery-01Deliver Tests with Peace of Mind

TAO gives you the flexibility to host your platform yourself, use a third party provider or if you're a Premium or Enterprise user, leverage a shared or private TAO Cloud. You can also deliver tests via LTI directly within your LMS, test-centers and more.