New York City Department of Education (NYCDOE) Adds Technology and Multimedia to Language Proficiency Exams

In an effort to streamline the administration of these exams, the NYCDOE wanted to see if it was possible to move from a paper-based assessment to an online assessment. Read more on how they put the idea to the test using TAO to schedule and digitally administer the listening part of the Spanish language proficiency exam in alignment with updated State Learning Standards.

"Over the next several years we look forward to seamlessly transitioning into the next phase of our relationship with TAO. Our goal is to ultimately take full advantage of OAT’s Enterprise services, including TAO Advance, TAO Grader, and TAO Insights.This strategic alignment ensures that as we continue to digitize World Language assessments, we can leverage the comprehensive capabilities offered by TAO to enhance the efficiency, insights, and overall success of our program. We are confident that TAO's robust solutions will play a pivotal role in the continued growth and excellence of our digital assessment initiatives.”
- Dr. Anthony Benners, Innovation Advisor & Sr. Psychometrician New York City Department of Education


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Deliver the 21st-Century Testing Experience Students & Educators Deserve

Modern curriculums require educators to assess students’ career readiness by measuring 21st Century Skills, which include deeper learning competencies such as critical thinking, collaboration, communication, creativity, and problem-solving. However, these competencies have traditionally been difficult to measure through traditional assessment methods.

By deploying digital assessments with TAO that include interactive items built using Portable Custom Interactions (PCIs), it is possible to open the window to more creative and immersive testing experiences that reveal a student’s thought process throughout problem-solving. For more traditional assessments, TAO supports 17 built-in QTI-based Technology Enhanced Items (TEIs), including multiple-choice, file upload, associate interactions, and more.

TAO's standards-based framework eliminates proprietary data silos and ensures that your content, tests, and assets are 100% interoperable, so you can have complete ownership of the assessment solution and build your program with peace of mind.