Linux Foundation Training & Certification Expands Its Online Assessment Portfolio Using TAO

Linux Foundation Training and Certification provides learning and certification for new and established IT professionals as well as employers to support the growth of open source and ensure there is sufficient IT talent to meet market demands.

Download the case study to find out why TAO was selected as the best assessment platform to support the Foundation's dynamic test development needs. And discover how TAO is being used to improve collaboration, efficiency and reduce the timeline for test creation by over 50%. 

“We are looking toward a pathway to position TAO as the core backbone of our assessment system, harnessing its capabilities to not only streamline operations but also significantly reduce the cost of delivery.”
- Clyde Seepersad, Senior Vice President & General Manager, Linux Founndation Training & Certification


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Deliver the 21st-Century Testing Experience Students & Educators Deserve

Modern curriculums require educators to assess students’ career readiness by measuring 21st Century Skills, which include deeper learning competencies such as critical thinking, collaboration, communication, creativity, and problem-solving. However, these competencies have traditionally been difficult to measure through traditional assessment methods.

By deploying digital assessments with TAO that include interactive items built using Portable Custom Interactions (PCIs), it is possible to open the window to more creative and immersive testing experiences that reveal a student’s thought process throughout problem-solving. For more traditional assessments, TAO supports 17 built-in QTI-based Technology Enhanced Items (TEIs), including multiple-choice, file upload, associate interactions, and more.

TAO's standards-based framework eliminates proprietary data silos and ensures that your content, tests, and assets are 100% interoperable, so you can have complete ownership of the assessment solution and build your program with peace of mind.