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The Decision Maker's Checklist for Rolling Out End-to-End Assessment Technology


Growing up in the digital age, today’s students are technology natives who expect a high level of sophistication and authenticity from the tools they are using, especially those which have a direct impact on their learning and education.

However, with the implementation of new technology, numerous studies have proven that the way technology is used and embedded into the learning experience is crucial to its effectiveness.

In this eBook, we lay out a step-by-step guide for strategizing your digital assessment rollout end-to-end, from vision, to access, to integration and analysis.

  • How to get started creating a project plan for your institution’s eAssessment rollout, including the questions you must be able to answer before moving forward.
  • Considerations for integration with other tools and systems.
  • The ideal qualities to look for when choosing a digital assessment solution.
  • How to measure the effectiveness of your implementation.

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Your Partner for Redefining Digital Assessment 

Control Your Assessments

TAO's open source platform gives you the freedom to control your digital assessment programs, from item authoring to delivery, at any scale.

Leverage the Power of Open

Forget proprietary vendors who lock your assets within their platform. Because TAO is built on QTI, your platform, tests and items are 100% interoperable, so you never risk losing your investment.

Choose Your Hosting & Delivery

TAO gives you the flexibility to host your platform yourself, use a third party provider or if you're a Premium or Enterprise user, leverage a shared or private TAO Cloud. You can also deliver tests via LTI, test-centers and more.

Scale Your Assessment Programs

TAO Premium and TAO Enterprise Editions can scale test deliveries to well over 100,000 concurrent users, and testing data is securely stored on the server-side, reducing any risk of compromising or losing critical information.

Grow Your Investment

Leverage resources shared by our expert open source community and gain earlier access to innovative solutions.

Reduce Your Cost Of Ownership

Break free from proprietary data silos, eliminate expensive licensing fees and gain full ownership of your testing resources.