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Our mission is to advance online assessment to empower today’s learners and tomorrow’s leaders. So, we make it our priority to provide reliable and accessible online assessment tools — and make them freely available to everyone through openness and collaboration. TAO Core makes this possible.

TAO Core is our open source assessment platform, built on open standards to provide enhanced flexibility, ownership and end-to-end control over your testing programs. Now, we’ve made it easier than ever to install and run TAO Core without any heavy technical lifting, via a simple container on your computer. You won’t need to tap into the expertise of an IT team —  we’ve eliminated the technical complexities to provide more equitable access to all users. With just a few clicks, you can start authoring and delivering tests, right from your browser.

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Hit the Ground Running with TAO Core

For teachers in the classroom, item authors, psyshometricians and more, this new download method for TAO Core extends the opportunity to explore end-to-end online assessment in a highly reliable, cost effective manner. 

  • Download TAO Core and easily start creating and delivering assessments in record time. This installation method takes only minutes before you're up and running. 

  • Take control of your classroom assessment goals, from test authoring to reporting, without having to rely on a technical team to implement timely and costly integrations. 

  • Become a part of the sharing economy in assessment and gain access to TAO's open source community of resources and users.

Is this TAO Core install the right solution for you?

TAO Core opens up new possibilities for educators to take better control of student assessment without having to navigate the constraints of budget or school politics. For classroom and other low volume use cases, you can simply run and work in TAO via your browser, on your own terms.








Are you a developer looking for a technical installation? 

Developers and IT professionals looking to access the TAO source code for a technical install can do so via GitHub

Hear From Our Users


Open source is often a key factor for government institutions looking to adopt new educational software applications, due to the flexibility and cost savings an open source license offers. Find out why Lithuania’s National Agency for Education started with online assessment and tapped TAO Core to introduce a multi-stage journey toward digital transformation. Click here to read the case study.

“TAO Core has provided excellent opportunities to test new technology in a wide range of situations in the context of an existing and running assessment system. ” - Gediminas Trakas, Co-founder & CEO at GERA Solutions 





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Delivering over 100 million tests in more than 30 languages worldwide

We built TAO Core specifically for the open source community, with the goal of providing free, global access to digital test creation software. TAO Core runs on open source and open standards by design because we believe that the future of education is an open digital ecosystem that unites technologies and accelerates innovation.

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Looking for a Large Scale Solution?


Check out our paid TAO Subscriptions!

In addition to TAO Core, we also offer full service TAO solution subscriptions for organizations based on medium to large scale demand, including access to account management and dedicated training and support.

OAT-Product_IgniteTAO Accelerate

Our out-of-the-box, turn-key digital assessment solution is designed to bring your testing program online fast and effectively. TAO Ignite offers an enhanced feature set and includes dedicated training and support.

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OAT-Product_Premium-1TAO Ignite

  • Our most popular off-the-shelf TAO solution. TAO Pro includes the same enhanced turn-key feature set as TAO Ignite, plus access to dedicated account management support as you grow and scale your program.

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enterprise-icon-01-1-1TAO Enterprise

Our most powerful TAO solution designed to support the world’s most demanding online assessment programs. From customization to integration we can build you the exact online assessment system you need.

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About TAO

TAO, from Open Assessment Technologies, is the leading digital assessment solution for education and career advancement, having delivered over 100 million tests in more than 30 languages worldwide. Modular, customizable, and interoperable by design, TAO empowers you to break free from proprietary silos, eliminate expensive licensing fees, take full control of your testing resources and enjoy enterprise-class support.